Monday, September 01, 2014

It's That Time Again

to remind everyone that the All Services Veterans Reunion hosted by the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization is on the near horizon. The 32nd annual reunion on the outskirts of Kokomo, Indiana is the oldest and largest event of it's kind in the country and will run from September 18th to the 21st. Originally for namvets the reunion has evolved over the years to include all veterans and all services from all years. I've been going since 1993 and can ramble on for days on how cool this reunion is but I'll cut everyone some slack and just post the link to the HCVVO website and you can see for yourself. Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization

Speaking of websites I have recently updated the Namvet Links page at the geronimo-vietnam site. Corrections to outdated links have been made along with the addition of a few new links so take a look next time you visit.