Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week Of The Eagles

I'm going out on a limb here but from all reports it looks like this years 'Week Of The Eagles' at Ft. Campbell Kentucky will be held August 14th to the 20th? That's a bit odd because it starts on a friday but apparently there are many good reasons for this change from the norm.
So... the smart money says if you plan to attend get accomodations in Clarksville or Hopkinsville starting thursday the 13th thru sunday the 16th. Rumors have the Division Run on friday 14th and the Big Air Show on saturday the 15th. As yet none of this is written in stone so check back here for updates. Right now it's every man for himself but we will designate a local motel as A 1/501 hdqtrs once this info is more firm.

see ya there, Joynt

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kokomo Update

I just received the latest newsletter of the HCVVO (Howard County Vietnam Veterans Org) host of the annual all services reunion in Kokomo Indiana. Along with the newsletter was a campsite request form and I'm starting early in pestering those of you that have been holding down a site in our basecamp in Veterans Park.
Go ahead and reserve your lot for 3-4 days regardless of what your current plans are. We lost one lot last year because of being late with a request. Lets just quickly secure our camping area and sort out the details later. September 18th to the 20th are the target dates. A minimum of two nights or more must be reserved.

lets do this, Joynt