Saturday, April 18, 2009

Geronimo-Vietnam TV

Greetings fellow namvets. It looks like spring is finally coming to the Chicago area and in the spirit of renewal I've decided to try something different for the website. Over the past year I've downloaded numerous tv shows and movies relating to the vietnam war era. I recently purchased more webspace and bandwitdh usage from my server and will begin hosting these productions directly on the website.
First point of order is that these shows will be hosted as WMV(Windows Media Video)files. If Windows Media Player is your default player and you have a good hi-speed internet connection these shows will automatically start streaming and playing in just a few seconds of buffer time. This is important to remember because other players such as RealPlayer, Quicktime, etc will likely prompt you to download the file instead of just playing it. You can go into the advanced settings area of these other players and set them to accept .wmv streaming files if you prefer not to download. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with downloading and saving these files to your computer to play at your liesure if you want. If downloading be advised the files will be large (on average over 200mb) and may take a while depending on your internet connection.
One last thing. We all remember the politics of the day back then and my presenting these programs in no way reflects the political views of the geronimo-vietnam website in general or myself personally. This is strictly for entertainment purposes only.
The first presentation is a History Channel special regarding a photojournalist's adventures in nam from the early years until the downfall of Saigon.

The Unseen War

I will leave this first program up for a few weeks and I would appreciate any comments you have. Just click the comments link at the bottom of this post and tell me what you think.

Thanks, Joynt