Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to 2011

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and wonderful winter weather in the south and east especially. I had the pleasure of being in Atlanta for the first 'white christmas' in 100 years and it made me homesick for Chicago.
To get things rolling for this year here is some info regarding the annual HCVVO Reunion in Kokomo Indiana. First I want to remind all members of HCVVO who are holding the five campsites we occupied last year that after FEB 1st you can send in your reservations to keep those same sites. Please include payment for at least three (3) nights of camping (thurs, fri, sat). Once those sites are secured we can start planning the party. Non members can apply for remaining campsites after June 1st.
I've uploaded a copy of the HCVVO January Newsletter which has current news as well as news on this years upcoming events. It is in windows document format and I assure you it is safe to download. Click Run or Save and when you open it I suggest using the view option of 'Web Layout'. See you in September!