Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where's Joynt?

Happy to say I'm alive and kicking but occassionally the demands of my job make it seem like all I do is work, eat and sleep and it can go on for months at a time. When you add in the daily demands of owning a home, family and friends there just isn't much time left over for the computer.
A couple of those friends have offered to give me a hand when times are tough. Barry Gregorich and Ted Koepke now have the keys to this blog so don't be surprised if you see a post here by either of them in the future. They are both hard working guys as well but I think between the three of us the blog will be more up to date and interesting. For example those "of the week" links I have on the left side of the page may actually change every week. :)

Summer is here and people are out doing thier thing so website-wise there is not alot to report on right now. The 2nd Brigade's 40th Anniversary party at Ft Campbell, KY June 12-14 went off without a hitch but I don't have any details as I wasn't able to make it there. Jon Quick sent me a few photos so I do know that at least a half-dozen Vets of the original A 1/501 to arrive in Nam Dec.67 were on hand.
The 14th annual reunion/convention of the 101st Airborne Division Vietnam Veterans Org took place at Ft Campbell this weekend June 26-28. Too early to get any news on this yet but I'm assuming all went well.
Thanks to Barry and Ted for volunteering to pull slack for me and I wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.

God bless our troops in harms way right now.

Later, Joynt