Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reunion(s) Update

June was a busy month for Alpha vets. The first weekend of June my blog partner Barry Gregorich headed up a return trip to Fort Campbell Kentucky for his group of vets that served from late 1970 on up to the end in early 1972. Close to 40 attended and a good time was had by all once again. Congrats to Barry and his cohorts for a job well done. I expect to see some great pics showing up at the website soon so keep an eye out for them.

Just last weekend (June 20-22) Val Zappert's "Rat Pack" had another gathering in Texas. These vets mostly served from late 69 'til well into 70 during which Val was Alpha company's CO. Val is kind of new on the scene but after attending the Branson reunion in 06 he got fired up. He's been locating his fellow soldiers and organizing reunions about twice a year. Val is also behind the creation of a new Alpha company website. Ass Kicking Alpha be sure to check it out. A permanent link to the site has been added to the namvet links page.
It is really cool to see the enthusiasm that Barry and Val and all the vets involved have been displaying in recent years.

Something a bit older (I first attended in 94) is on tap August 14-20 and that's "Week Of The Eagles" at Fort Campbell. General John Cushman (ret) is calling for another 2nd Brigade reunion during the event. As Colonel "Jack" Cushman he commanded the brigade before and after thier arrival in Nam mid december '67. All members of the original brigade and those who joined the unit as replacements in '68 are strongly urged to attend. Since I fall into the replacement category this reunion is on my wish list. I've heard that a Division "Welcome Home" to Namvets is on the agenda and please take note that "Week Of The Eagles" is open to the public with an excellent airshow over the weekend. I will post hotel info separate.

I'd also like to mention the "Kokomo" reunion which is always the third weekend of September (this year 18-20). The oldest and largest all services namvet reunion in the country. This is a giant party that over 40,000 will attend. Live entertainment, food, drink and military vendors plus camping, grilling and drinking. Smoke'em if you got'em. Alpha company has five connecting 20'x40' camping lots on site as our basecamp. Come join us for some good times.

For 2nd bde schedule and Hotel info click on "COMMENTS" below vvvv.