Friday, May 10, 2013

Website Update

Those of you that regularly visit the Geronimo-Vietnam website will probably be glad to hear that I'm about finished with my cleanup and all pages are have been updated as of april 30th 2013. The primary issue was the corruption of my main website building exe file which made it impossible to upload any edits or changes to the individual pages. To fix the exe file I had to rebuild the entire website one page at a time and of course that took awhile. Most visitors were probably unaware anything was going on since the website was online except for an occasional page here and there briefly being down. Most of what I was doing took place in the background.
For you people wondering what happened to the Flashbacks forum and miss the music playlists please be patient. The music will be back in a new format with new playlists covering a broader range of music genre's. Lot's of new songs are being uploaded and I expect the Flashbacks page up and running in a week or two.
One last comment is about security on the web. In early april my webhosting service was one of many targets of a mass hacking attack. A coordinated attempt to crash all WordPress sites began with hundreds of login attempts per minute from possibly thousands of computers. During that mayhem somehow two different computers found their way into my file transfer protocol area. A quick change of my password put an end to that but some encrypted javascript malware/spam was inserted into quite a few places. I received a couple of messages from visitors reporting their Norton AV was giving warnings and I saw a few warnings as well. I'm quite sure all areas of the website are safe now but I depend on you visitors to let me know if anything seems wrong when you drop in.

Thank you, Gary