Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gootch Sighting

Lt. Larry Gottschalk joined A co in December '68 as 3rd platoon leader. I was the primary RTO of the third herd then and had the pleasure of showing "Gootch" the ropes LOL! In the fall of '69 Gootch became CO of Alpha co.
I had a hell of a time tracking him down in the 90's but finally struck paydirt. Larry has been to reunions at both Ft. Campbell and Kokomo. A few years ago he decided to leave Michigan and set up camp in Florida. I haven't seen him in person since then but we've stayed in touch on the phone. Well I just found out Gootch got kind of homesick, pulled up his Florida stakes and is now back here in the midwest. He told me he definately plans to attend the Kokomo Reunion in September so if you want to touch base with ol' Gootch then get your ass to Kokomo.

Here's a shot of me and Gootch at Kokomo '03.